Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 2- Web 3

            After watching the video in class by Pranav Mistry, an MIT student who is creating the "sixth sense" I was blown away. It's hard to imagine that reality and technology can come together as one and be an average part of your everyday life, it truly is what I consider futuristic becoming closer and closer to being the norm. When I first got a cell phone it was a huge Nokia block, and the internet was not nearly as developed as it is now. The idea of the two of them coming together in the first place was never something that could have even crossed my mind. It's amazing how far they have come just during a small portion of my life.
           After I got home I continued to watch a few more videos about this same topic. It is expected to be out within ten years, the creator and his professor want to make this product available to everyone so that anyone could attain this. Once they come out they should not cost more then a average cell phone does for us now, the actual product only cost about $300 to make and he wants to keep the price low enough for everyone to afford.
           Once this comes out and web 3 is officially here I think everything we know will start to change. This is the start of basically not having hardware and I can't imagine the possibilities after this. It will make everything on the internet more accessible probably resulting web pages being more important to everyone and every business. Seeing as how you can use it wherever and whenever there would be no use for things like menus, brochures, or anything on paper. All information can be given through this device. On top of just the web it will be interesting to see how everything else changes.