Thursday, October 7, 2010


After looking at numerous “tip” guides I found that they all have some of the same main and most important ideas in them.  They all agree that the web site should be easy to read and also to navigate, there should be a very clean layout with hierarchy present, design for optimum load time and minimize graphics. I never knew a lot about web sites and what I do know is so far learned from this class, but the more I read and hear about certain things and these tips the more I am understanding there importance. Especially after designing my own page on photoshop it became more clear that it needs to be easy to read, I want people to ease into my site and not look away because it is too difficult to figure out where to go. And the more I look though sites to study them I realize what behind that and what you have to do to achieve a low load time. With out that people with there short attention span would just move on to a new website if that one wouldn’t load fast enough for them. These tips are very important, along with others and they are things that I want to make sure my web site has. 

Award Winning

Gliddens web site was awarded best in show at this years web design awards. Looking at this site you can see the appeal of it. Right away the introduction of a paintbrush painting information across the screen is eye catching. Everything about this site is very organized and easy to get to along with a lot of pictures and colors to go with the information. There little details through out the web site give it a lot of character and make it fun, like the tabs along the header being mini paint rollers with different colors. This web site is really nice and very user friendly and is full of organized information.  

Busy Sites

While searching for all different forms of websites, good and bad, I found this way to busy site at This web site had so much going on that I had to look away, there is no way to tell where hierarchy is and random objects or words keep flashing around the website non stop. There are so many colors overlapping each other, arrows pointing to everything, and tons and tons of ads, it is hard to believe this a legitimate company that wants your business. If I were searching this site for information or wanting to make a purchase after looking through it I would turn it off because of it’s confusing direction and lack of organized information.