Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CSS new rule

After creating some code in your HTML you can go to CSS, make a new rule and alter its appearance. Say you have written a long essay and want to change some of the specifications of it's look. You can go to your "new CSS rule" button, located in your CSS styles palette and click it. Once the window appears you could just type in H1 (or <p>, <h2>, etc) if you are selecting tag in your selector type along the top. Anything that you alter in your CSS well now effect everything within the brackets chosen. If you went to your selector along the top and choose Compound this will allow you to go into a little more detail. Before you do that you want to put your curser within what your trying to change and Dreamweaver will already type in where you are. But you can also type it in. (ie. .Container h1 p). This will effect only that area and nothing else.

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