Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best web typography

         According to I love typography.com the number 1 best out of 15 web pages in there use of typography is A list apart.com. I think they were rated number one because there web site is very clean cut and easy to read. There is four columns, three that have text and one that hold there logo on the top and very nice negative space below. This gives room to breath after reading. There is very obvious hierarchy, the largest being a different font and a different color and then second largest just being bold and another color. Everything is spaced out nicely and not to cluttered. The only thing they have in there last paragraph is widow, and that could just be overflow from the size of the screen or placing.
         The second best web site was shauninman.com. I really like this site because it is black and white and looks very simple but still makes a great statement. Instead of just using black as the font color though he uses different shades which gives it impact. Everything is done very nicely in two columns and there are only two type faces used. One for the hierarchy and one for the text. The text is very easy to read and move your eye around because of the nice spacing between paragraphs and titles.

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