Tuesday, December 7, 2010

age demographics

When designing a web page one thing you should think about is the user ability for different age groups. You might not see the same things or have the same problems as an elderly person.  One thing that designers should keep in mind is making sure people have the ability to increase the size of the text opposed to freezing it at a certain size. And going no lower then 12pt when your web site is made for that demographic. Another thing that would help is to keep things organized and not cluttered; this gives the ability to move throughout it faster and more accurately. Also, anything that is a link should be slightly larger and not moving, this way it is easy to identify and not hard to grab. While this is important for people seniors it shouldn’t be just used for them. These are rules that can help the browsing experience for everyone. Keeping in mind that everyone searching the web is not a computer wiz and maybe has never even used one; you still want your page to be able to be viewed by everyone that comes across it. Little things like these tips can make it easier for everyone. 

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