Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After reading a couple different “don’t do its” I found one that was very interesting. I never paid to much attention to it but it is said that the average person ignores advertisements and anything that might look like it. After seeing them so much and recognizing what not to look at, it just becomes habit. I actually do this too; I want to find exactly what I am looking for without becoming distracted.
            The three things that people ignore are banners and anything that looks like them when positioned or shaped on the page. Any kind of animation, which includes flashing, fast movement, or type moving around the page. And the last is pop-ups, probably the most ignored. When another window just pop ups most people immediately close it out without even looking at it. So if you have anything important on that page it just disappeared, and you probably upset someone. Having to close out another page just interrupts what everyone is doing while browsing.
            When designing it would be smart to stay away from any of these types of design, especially if you are trying to get something important across. When I’m browsing or even playing certain games on my iphone I don’t even notice they’re there. And that is probably how most people feel about them. 

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