Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The ugliest web site

            When searching for bad websites I found one that is proud to be the ugliest website. It’s called thebiguglywebsite.com. This site really is awful, everything that you could do wrong in a site they are doing. It has a number of typefaces in a number of different colors, with absolutely no hierarchy, which makes it hard to figure out where to look first and how to move around the page.  Some of the sentences are even flowing of the page; probably do to not using relative positioning.  They have big flashy animation that is extremely distracting and serves no purpose. It is really just a bunch of randomness that is hard to look at.  Websites like this are difficult for anyone to look at and it is the kind of the site that people would just breeze by because they can’t get what they want out of it immediately. 

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