Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My favorite site

            When looking over some graphic designers personal pages to get inspired for my own I stumbled onto one that I loved. It was bechira.com, it is interesting to look at and very organized. Even when only using black, white and shades of gray you can make a site very unique. It looks like he cut the site down in quarters and shows off his interviews, features, and other topics in blocks. Everything is very easy to see as you move down and read one after another. As you scroll down the site you can find anything someone who was interested in him would need, he has buttons for his portfolio, contact information, and resume. The hierarchy is very clear with size and with color. There are different forms of the same type, which keeps it clean and not over bearing but also doesn’t look repetitive. I think this site is excellent, it is easy to read but still catches your eye and has its own look without being “too much”. 

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